Our Team

Our team of drivers offer the best service and safety. We pride ourselves on conducting strict road tests and thorough background checks before considering possible candidates for our company. All of our drivers have years of experience. Through continuous training, we strive for safe and trustworthy  services for all our customers. 

Our home team works meticulously to give our customers the best support and care. Our team excels at finding the right solution for all of our customers' needs. Our family-like atmosphere brings our drivers, home team, and customers together.

Our Fleets

Tiger Transit Inc. owns its own fleet of trucks and trailers. We provide the best in class equipment to ensure the best transportation solution for our customers. All of our trucks and trailers are inspected and tested before each load to ensure safety and quality. Our fleet is well maintained and continuously updated with the most advanced features to provide the best service, trust, and value. To meet all our customers' needs, our trailers are equipped with multi-temperature and single-temperature features. Our fleet is fully insured to bring our customers ease of mind.